Put an end to tangled cables! Our gravity roller conveyors work completely without an electric drive. They are installed with a slope of 4 % and thus use gravity to transport the stored goods through the channels. Different systems are available depending on storage capacity and requirements:

Flow racks are designed according to the FIFO principle (First In First Out). The channels are loaded from the loading side and removed from the opposite side. The advantage of this is that the operating devices do not get in each other's way and the available space can be used optimally. The inventory can be viewed immediately regarding expiry dates, batches or product series, which proves to be an efficient storage system especially in the food and beverage industry.

Drive-in racks work according to the LIFO principle (Last in First Out) and are only operated from one side. The operating device pushes the load carriers into the channel against the inclination of the roller conveyor. Loading and unloading take place from the same side, therefore the rack can also be placed against a wall. Drive-in racks support storage of different articles by type.

In flow racks with order-picking tunnels, (single-item) stock is stored on the upper levels from the outside, while order-picking takes place simultaneously in the centre tunnel. The two processes can be carried out in parallel, so that picking distances are shortened and turnover times are increased. The operating units do not get in each other's way.


Our flexibility is our specialty: We build the gravity roller conveyors exactly as you need them. Of course, we take your operating equipment and load carriers into account; grid boxes, metal, plastic and special pallets are no problem for our special solutions. Rack & Roll rack systems can be equipped with components for deep-freeze storage down to -28° Celsius. Especially for the food and pharmaceutical industries, we have developed lengthwise and crosswise foldable roller track elements that allow hygiene-compliant cleaning underneath the floor tracks. We also design flow racks for crosswise pallet transport. Rack & Roll's specialist consultants and technicians will be happy to support you every step of the way, right up to the finished rack system and beyond.


Steel frames with plate feet or skids also run on our roller conveyors (FIFO, LIFO, lengthwise and crosswise transport).


Our roller conveyor rack systems consist of extremely stable uprights and beams on which the roller conveyor profiles are bolted. They are constructed according to the modular principle and always consist of at least three components.

Loading element with continuous rollers

Continuous rollers and entry guides for operating devices with tiltable mast, e.g. front/reach mast forklift trucks

Loading element with 3-part rollers

Three-part roller conveyor with entry guide for operating equipment without tiltable mast, e.g. electric high-lift truck

Middle element

Includes robust U- or L-profiles, support rollers, brake rollers and other individual components

Unloading element with continuous rollers

Continuous rollers and separator for operating devices with tiltable mast, e.g. front/reach mast trucks

3-part floor element 66 mm

Three-part floor element with separator and reduced overall height of 66 mm for unloading with electronic low-lift or hand pallet truck


Entry guides

To ensure that the load carriers are placed centrally on the roller conveyor, we recommend an entry guide with centering function on the loading side, especially for FIFO roller conveyors.

Roller protectors

Roller protectors shield the rollers in the loading area from mechanical damage to the load carriers as well as from the tines of the operating devices. The design is extremely robust, just like the entry guides.

Roller conveyor profiles

The Rack & Roll roller conveyor profiles are manufactured as sendzimir galvanised L- or U-profiles.

There are three options for bolting the roller tracks:

1. Clamp hooks

2. Screw tabs

3. Perforation: bolted by us

Support rollers
Our support rollers for gravity roller conveyors with excellent running properties are supplied sendzimir galvanised and are characterised by their long service life. Each roller carries up to 240 kg and is equipped with a precision ball bearing, which ensures an easy start, even with heavier weights. The steel ball bearing is suitable for freezer areas down to -30° Celsius. The version with protective cap protects the ball bearing from splash water, dust and in outdoor use.

The roller division is selected according to the load weights and carriers.

Brake rollers
The direct braking of the load carriers takes place via spring-mounted brake rollers with three-stage planetary gears and progressive braking effect. They are installed slightly above roller level and are pressed down to roller level even at low loads to ensure permanent contact between brake roller and load carrier. The brake rollers are also equipped with a precision ball bearing and are available for the freezer area.

Mechanical separator
A separating device with an end stop is usually installed in the unloading area of the Rack & Roll gravity roller conveyors. This enables the load carrier to be removed from storage without any accumulation pressure. The dynamic braking is carried out by a brake roller located in the separator area, which gently brakes the load carriers, even with different weights, and positions them in the defined unloading position at the end stop. The pallet running on the unloading position activates the lock and separates the first two pallets. Additional assisting rollers are integrated in our special separator flaps so that the load carrier always comes to a stop at the end stop.
For very long lanes or high loads, additional intermediate separators can be installed.

Pneumatic separator
For particularly heavily stressed unloading areas, a pneumatic separating device can be used, whose switching mechanism runs underneath the lane and triggers the separation with the help of a sensor. Damage to the components is thus avoided. Load carriers with large weight differences or different lengths can be stored and unlaoded on the same lane without any problems.

End stop
The solid end stop stops the load carriers safely in the unloading area of the channel.

Side guide rollers
Side guide rollers are used with long lanes to prevent the pallets from running sideways so that they arrive at the unloading side as centred as possible.

Foldable elements
Roller conveyors at floor level can be designed to fold up completely. This is particularly helpful in the food and pharmaceutical industries for compliance with hygiene regulations. Our foldable elements can be individually adapted to the cleaning performance. Using a supporting gas pressure spring, for example, the tracks can be lifted without any effort.

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