Carton flow



Rack & Roll carton flow works according to the first in first out principle and represents the most economical solution for a large product range with high turnover - perfect for e-commerce and wholesalers.

The goods move forward to the order picker automatically due to the force of gravity via plastic roller tracks in the flow levels. Often, pallet racks are integrated above the flow levels to create additional storage levels from which the picking lanes can be filled directly. The storage system also guarantees a space-saving and clear arrangement of articles in the stand-alone version, for which we supply a corresponding support structure.

Your advantage with Rack & Roll carton flow: The error rate is reduced and the picking performance is improved!


  • Shortening of walking distances and order picking times
  • Clear, easily accessible and space-saving arrangement of a large number of articles
  • High security due to separate refilling and picking processes
  • Order picker does not need to worry about goods supply
  • Extremely high storage density
  • Low maintenance storage system

Special system for beverage crates


Our carton flow levels are loaded from the loading side according to the FIFO principle. Following the method of dynamic supply, the goods move independently to the picking side via roller tracks ("goods to the man"). This means that operating devices can be used on the loading side, while picking is done manually on the unloading side, without any danger to people from forklift trucks.

We design the system components of the rack front individually for you, depending on your customer's intended use, e.g. by means of a gripping curve or picking shelves with an adapted slope when picking goods from boxes and crates.

  • Kostengünstige, leichte Installation
  • Individuelle Ausprägung und vollständige Verwendung der Regalfront für Artikelbereitstellung

  • Ausnutzung der gesamten Regalfront für Artikelbereitstellung
  • Hohe Produktivität durch Fördertechnik zum Mitführen der Kommissionierbehälter
  • Zeitaufwendiges Drehen und Wenden fällt weg
  • Individuelle Greifkurve ermöglicht ergonomisches Kommissionieren

  • Kommissionieren von Stückgütern und ganzen Einheiten parallel möglich
  • Kurze Wege, schnellere Beschickung, optimale Höhennutzung durch Palettenpuffer

  • Dynamischer Palettenpuffer ermöglicht kurze Nachschubwege
  • Sicherheit im Kommissioniertunnel
  • Höhen- und Flächennutzung optimal
  • Choice of two standard carton flow types (combi and heavy-duty) with a load-bearing capacity of up to 300 kg/sq.m.
  • Flow depths up to 20 metres and bay widths freely selectable
  • Number of flow channels can be adapted to the stored goods
  • Adjustment grid for height and inclination: 20 mm
  • Individual design of the rack front system components (e.g. gripping curve)
  • Extremely resilient roller tracks with excellent running properties
  • Individual integration of driven conveyor technology
  • Can be integrated into all conventional pallet racks
  • Large selection of accessories available, such as brake rollers, etc.