Pushback Trolley System


Compact LIFO storage

The pushback trolley system is an alternative to the drive-in roller conveyor and is particularly suitable for cross-stored pallets or low-quality load carriers. Storage on dynamic trolleys eliminates the need to enter channels. In addition to the short distances, pushback trolley systems are very compact and therefore space-saving.


  • Mixed storage of grid boxes cages and pallets of different qualities
  • Lengthwise and crosswise storage of load carriers possible
  • Complete support of the skids
  • Lateral overhanging of the goods possible on the load carriers
  • Level indicator by coloured plates on the trolleys
  • Different products possible on each load level
  • Time-consuming driving into channels is no longer necessary
  • Can also be operated with forklifts without mast inclination


When unloaded, several trolleys of different widths stand on top of each other on a rail system with a slight inclination. A load carrier is placed on the top trolley. The next load carrier pushes the first trolley backwards into the channel at the coloured stop plates, freeing the next trolley. This loading process is repeated until the Pushback Trolley channel is filled. The last load carrier inserted stands directly on the rails. After retrieval, the trolleys run back to the operating side by themselves due to the rail inclination. The excellent running properties of the ball-bearing flanged rollers enable a low rail inclination of only 2.5 %.


Use on angular crossbar

Use on box traverse

Channel depth Lengthwise storage: max. 3 pallets
Crosswise storage: max. 6 pallets
Pallet weight Weights possible from 25 kg to 1,400 kg
Rail inclination 2.5 %
Use Also in the freezer area

Die Schubkrafteinleitung findet in der staudrucklosen Ausführung „Horizontal“ direkt am Trolley statt: Die Waren berühren sich nicht und werden nicht beschädigt. Durch die konische Bauart der einzelnen Wagen bleibt die Lagerebene in waagerechter Position und ist infolgedessen auch mit Flurfördergeräten ohne Mastneigung bedienbar.

Die Variante „Non-horizontal“ ist eine preisgünstigere Alternative der „Horizontal“-Ausführung, bei der die Vorteile der staudrucklosen Lagerung entfallen. Sie eignet sich bei stoßunempfindlicher Ware.

Beverage Industry »

Food Industry »

Furniture Industry »

Beverage Industry

Unstable load units, such as stacked PET bottles, stand horizontally in the LIFO rack without risk of tipping.

Food Industry

Due to the horizontal storage, goods that are not as well secured can be stored without any problems.

Furniture Industry

Special pallets can be transported lengthwise or crosswise, even foil under the skids is no problem.