Groundbreaking innovations, challenging tests and practical trainings: Rack & Roll can realize all of this in its in-house Test Center. The hall has been the company's creative ideas workshop for over ten years and is located within walking distance of the company premises. This is where it is decided whether ideas for new developments are technically feasible at all.

We also use the hall for customer tests. Customers often send special load carriers, often loaded with original goods, in order to simulate their rollability directly in practice. We test the tilting properties to adjust the subsequent inclination of the roller conveyor if necessary. We also examine the restarting of standing pallets so that there are no unpleasant surprises later in everyday operation.

The final documentation for the customer includes comprehensive videos, photos, information on problematic areas and irregularities as well as an assessment by our technicians. Of course, we also invite you to watch live on site, also with the end customer.

The Test Center is also used as a show room. Training groups can closely examine the functioning of the roller conveyors and familiarize themselves with them haptically. Newly developed products are also exhibited in the Test Center for demonstration purposes. For example, the first ideas for our foldable roller conveyors, the pneumatic separator and for cross pallet transport were developed in the creative hall. For special customer requirements, we sometimes work there until the roller conveyor meets the exact requirements.

Please feel free to contact us: Together we will find an innovative storage solution for your customer.